Claim Subsidy Online 20 Steps 2018 (Register Your Complain) is an online portal where you can submit your query and complain regarding your cylinder. In this post, I will take you through how to log in and steps to claim your subsidy online. It is the fastest and one of the best way to get all the required information from MyLPG cylinder website. In order to access this website, you can use any device which has a working internet connection.

In this post, I will tell you what are the ways to check if you are getting the subsidy of the cylinder or not. Transaction history of the submitted amount in your bank account. Your aadhaar number is linked to the cylinder and no of cylinder reserved for your account.

So, without taking much of your time let’s get started from How can you check gas subsidy online. The process is too simple so that even an average educated person can easily access it.

Steps To Check Gas Subsidy Online

1) Open your web browser and in the search option type ‘’ or simply Visit Here.

2) Now on the homepage click on the Scroll of Honour option.

3) From the drop-down menu select your gas cylinder agency. Check subsidy

4) You can click on the image of your cylinder as well to select.

5) It will redirect you to the official website of your cylinder service provider.

6) Click on the Audit Distributor image as shown in the screenshot.

audit distributor LPG

7) Choose an option from “Quick Search” or “Normal Search.” Fill the required information including “Distributor Name” for Quick Search.

8) To be more specific enter more specific details by providing State, District, and Distributor Name.

9)  Fill the Financial year “2017-2018” and consumer type “Domestic.”

10) Enter the captcha code and click “Proceed.” quick search screenshot

11) Check your distributor’s profile.

12) Below that, you will find “Consumers’ Consumption/ Cash Transfer Details” option

13) Fill captcha to proceed further.

14)  fill the required information including your 17 digit LPG ID, Consumer Number, and Name.

15) The total number of refill delivered (no. of gas cylinders).

16) Note: you have to enter the required information. If you don’t know your 17 digit ID or consumer number, you can just type your name in “Consumer Name” option and leave other options blank/unfilled).

17) After filling the form, click on “Search” button.

18) While filling the “Total number of refill delivered”

19) Click on the total number of refill you received.

20) Done!

Solution: Not getting subsidy LPG Cylinder in Bank Account

If you are not getting any subsidy in your bank account then you have to register a complaint at portal online. For that, you must have a working internet connection and a device like a smartphone or laptop.

If you have everything just follow the below steps.

Register Complain

1) Visit or click here.

2) Click on “Grievance” and then “Lodge Public Grievance”.

mylpg customer care

3) Register yourself by clicking on the register button.

4) Fill the registration form by providing the required information.

5) Submit the details.

6)  check your registered email address for further verification

7)  You have to verify your registered mobile number by providing OTP (One Time Password) sent to your number.

8) Fill security code and click on “Submit”.

9) Now create a username and password.

10) After successful registration, click on “Home” button and log in with your username/ email/ mobile number.

Lodge Complaint Registration Guide

1) After going through the above procedure Visit Official Complaint Page

2) click on “Lodge Public Grievance”

3) Tick the box right to agree to the terms and conditions.

4)  fill the Grievance registration form.

5) After that, you will receive a registration number on your registered mobile number as well as registered email address.

6) You can use this number to track your complaint online.

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