Shocking News – These are the New Padosi Of Biggboss 11 | Biggboss Secret Reveal | 7 New Padosi

Biggboss 11 – As we all know, Biggboss reality show is all about gaining TRP ratings. Here I am going to give you another shocking news from the season Biggboss 11. As we all know, 2 wild card entry of Bigboss 11 is still left. Instead of the wildcard entry, Biggboss bringing new padosi to the house. Yes, you read it right after Luv, Sabyasachi, Mehjabi, and Lucinda. Read further to know the names of Biggboss 11 New Padosi. Biggboss always tried to make the show more entertaining for the viewers.

Names of Biggboss 11 New Padosi –

  • Bandagi Kalra –Bandagi Kalra was the main contestant on Biggboss season 11 but evicted in the 10th week. In the biggboss house, Puneesh Sharma is boyfriend and he cried hardly when she left. Biggboss bring her back in the form of Biggboss 11 New Padosi.
  • Ashutosh Shinde – Shilpa Shinde’s brother Ashutosh Shinde is also coming to Biggboss 11 as the Biggboss 11 new padosi.
  • Rocky Jaiswal – Rocky Jaiswal’s boyfriend of Hina Khan. We have seen him in Biggboss 11 luxury budget task. Biggboss 11 bring him to the padosi of the main house.
  • Sharda Gupta –

Sharda Gupta – She is the mother of Vikas Gupta, as we have seen her in the Biggboss 11 house at the time of the luxury budget task. Yes, she is also coming to Biggboss 11 as a New Padosi.

  • Babita Sharma –

Priyank’s mother Babita Sharma as Biggboss 11 New padosi.

  • Luv Tyagi’s Mother –

Yes, Luv’s mother is also going to be a part of Biggboss 11 in the form of New Padosi. (There is no information available on the internet related to her). We will update it as soon as possible.

  • Akash Dadlani’ Mother –

We have seen his mother already in Biggboss 11 just for few minutes. But Biggboss bringing her as a Biggboss 11 new padosi.


So, guys, these are the Biggboss 11 new padosi. Are you excited to see them on the show? Comment below and think what will gonna be happen?

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