Raja Rani Coupon Lottery Result Latest Chart February 2019

Looking for Raja Rani Coupon Lottery result then you are at the right place. Raja Rani Coupon is a lottery scheme which is organized mainly in Bihar, West Bengal and Jharkhand. To be a part of Raja Rani lottery you have to buy a coupon from the offline retailers which will contain a unique card number and a PIN number. I will guide you how you can check your results online and win some cash price under this lottery scheme 2018.

Every coupon contains a unique ID which should be kept confidential. I would recommend you not to share it with anyone. If you are lucky enough then you may win some big cash prize. There are sets of tickets and each ticket has the different winning amount. Remember if you are buying a cheap Raja rani coupon then the prize money will also be less. In case you buying an expensive coupon then chances are high you may win amounts in Lakhs.

The results of Raja Rani coupon lottery can be checked online by using the Coupon number and Pin number online. It totally depends on your luck and time. Here are some of the important things you must keep in your mind to play safe and win money.

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How To Buy Raja Rani Coupon

Raja rani lottery ticket

The coupon is available at your nearest registered lottery retailers. I would recommend you to buy a coupon from registered shops only. If you have brought a coupon you can buy more coupons by logging in on the Raja Rani website.

To log in, you must have Lottery coupon number and a PIN number which is confidential. I would advise you to keep it secret and don’t tell it to anyone. Here are some contact number where you can contact Raja Rani Offline coupon sellers.

  • 02065224446
  • 02024444468
  • 02064006490

Email Address of Raja Rani Coupon Lottery: [email protected]

Steps To Login On Raja Rani Website

As I have told you earlier in order to log in on Raja Rani official website you. It is very important, you must have a card number or coupon number and a pin number. These two things are enough to log in to Raja Rani Coupon portal.

Check Coupon Status Offline

After buying coupon the result can be checked offline on Daily Dainik Jagran newspaper from your nearby shop. You can check results on daily basis in the coupon section. We wish that you may win some good amount of money from this lottery scheme.

Raja Rani Coupon Draw Timings?

I have already told you the coupons are drawn every hour. If you want to get enrolled in Raja Rani lottery you will allocate a particular time. Only until that time, you can draw more tickets. After that, you no longer buy more tickets.

How To Play Raja Rani Coupon Lottery

1) Buy a coupon from the lottery store.

2) There is various type of coupons like Bulk coupons, Pointwise coupons, Loose coupons, Loose points wise coupons.

3) Here are two categories to draw a ticket. RAJARANI SHAM-A & RAJARANI SHAM-B.

4) You have following options:

  1. Buy: You can buy more tickets.
  2. Clear: Clear the previous results.
  3. Current coupon: Check results of the current coupon.
  4. Cancel: If you wish to cancel or reset the options.
  5. My coupon: After login to the official site, click on this option.
  6. Report: If you are facing any problem use this button to get rid of it.

The main purpose of this article is provide more infromation regarding Raja Rani Coupon lottery scheme. I have covered every topics regarding various features of this coupon scheme.


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