PhonePe Bohni Offer 2020 Get Rs 75 Cashback in Bank Account

PhonePe Bohni offer is back with amazing cashback scheme. In this scheme if you have a PhonePe merchant account than you will get cashback instantly in your bank account. Whenever, someone pay you using your merchant QR code. Now you might be thinking how can you apply for the offer or what are the steps you need to follow to get 2250 in your bank account per month by just doing transaction online.

In this article I will guide you, how you can easy 75 Rupees cashback daily in your bank account. Before getting started let me tell you the most important thing you are required to have to be eligible for this offer.

Phonepe cashaback offer

PhonePe Bohni or Boni offer for Merchant User

1) The first and foremost important  thing you need to meet any PhonePe retailer and ask him to open a merchant account.

2) After you got your merchant account you are ready to earn cashback on daily basis in your bank account.

3) Now  you need to ask your family or friends to make payment of Rs. 50 or above to your PhonePe QR Code.

4) The list of cashback you will get on transaction are as follows:

  • ₹25 Cashback For – 2st Payment Accept
  • ₹11 Cashback For – 4th Payment Accept
  • ₹22 Cashback For – 8th Payment Accept

5) This is how you are going to get 75 Rupees per day. Now you know everything about this offer but I would recommend you to read below terms and conditions.

Terms and Condition of PhonePe Boni Offer:

  • Get Daily ₹75 Assured Cashback When You Take Payment From 8 Different User
  • Get Maximum ₹75 Per Day In Your Bank Account
  • Minimum Accept Money Should Be ₹50 That Count For The Cashback
  • User Should Be Different To Get Cashback
  • Offer Valid Till 31 December 2019 For PhonePe Business Account User.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. If you have any doubt on any part feel free to ask it in the comment section. We would happy to help you. In case you have any suggestion for us you can use our contact us page.

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