A Major Change in Year 2018 – The Launch Of Electric Car in India and World | First Look

Ton Seba – a well known Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and an instructor in Entrepreneurship. Disruption and Clean Energy at Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program, says an electric car would destroy the global oil industry in 15 years by replacing ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles. Instead, he also said that till 2030, the maximum percentage of people won’t have the private car which will wipe off automobile industry. And see, it seems that his prediction comes true in India 2018 and by 2030 it will be fully turned into reality.

Electric Car –

An Electric Car is an automobile that puts out no emission and is propelled by one more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

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Chetan Maini launched India’s first electric car, in 2001, in Reva. The government of India last year decided to set an aim towards an electric car for the better future of India. This decision seems that government trying to compete with developed countries like Britain.

The TATA Motors, again trying to create history, It has rolled out the first batch of Tigor EV out of its Sanand factory in Gujarat. These cars will be used by the government in 2018.

Why Not Petrol & Diesel Car –

At present, India has 56,000 fuel station and it is predicted that after 25 years the fuel like – Petrol & Diesel will extinct from the world.

Electric Impulse –

As we all know, for an electric car, India has to make a major change such as Availability Of Electric Stations. Since the operating range of electric vehicles is low, India would need a humongous charging infrastructure. Creation of so much infrastructure also needs a clear-cut policy as technology is evolving and might keep changing.

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However, Government has also started taking a step ahead towards this. Nagpur became the first city in India to have an electric vehicle charging station by a company named – Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). The government fleet of electric cars which will hit the roads in 2018 will also bring with itself a limited charging infrastructure. The report has made projections that will make India’s 2030 all-electric aim look real. By 2027, 4-wheel EV sales may exceed 4-wheel ICE sales (Graph 1).

First Look Of Electric Car –

Electric Car


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