Freaky/Attractive/Flirty Questions to Ask a Crush

Questions to ask a crush – Everyone in his/her life might not have a boyfriend or girlfriend but they must have a crush for whom they have deep feelings inside the heart. Crush is a one-sided love and trust me this is only a true feelings one can have for opposite sex. I’m damn sure that If you are here then you are also wasting your time on your crush.

Here in this post, I will let you know which type of questions to ask a crush. Hope these strategies works and you can take your feelings to next level. All the best!


Have you taken any gym membership to work on your body?

What do you look out for in a guy?

How are you still single?

Why are you so attractive and charming?

What makes you so good at all these things?

What is an ideal date according to you?

Why are you so humorous?

When did you first see me?

What do you think about me?

How attractive am I to you?

Have you ever been on a romantic date?

Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity?

What are the qualities that attract you to a man?

What should be a guy’s first move?

Why are you so sexy looking?

Do you have any boyfriend or getting one any soon?

Which things make you happy?

Why are you wasting your precious time by chatting with me? Any specific reason?

What do you prefer wearing at bedtime?

What kind of exercise do you do to relax your body?

Would you allow me to tell you how attractive you are?

Do you own any pet? What is the name of your pet?

Would you allow me to describe you in just 3 words?

Can you describe me in 3 words?

What do you see in a man first?

What features do you like in a guy?

Do you like cuddling with your guy?

What do you think about having romance on the beach?

Have you ever lied about something big to your boyfriend?

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Have you ever said anything naughty to someone?

How was your first date? If not yet, how would you plan for it?

What do you want to change your life?

What type of lifestyle do you prefer?

How is your bedroom? What color do you prefer in your bedroom?

What do you think about us? Is it cool if we go out?

What do you often do on the internet?

What do you do when you are alone at your home?

Which category do you prefer while watching movies?

Have you ever kissed any stranger on New Year’s’ eve?

Hee, I hope you like all the above questions, try this with your crush who knows maybe your crush impressed with you and if not then try another question given below.

Freaky Questions to  Ask a Crush

What can you spend a large amount of money on?

Is there any incident that changed you forever?

On what basis did you judge people often?

Do you have any person with whom you spend most of your time?

What’s the most beautiful scene you’ve seen?

Have you ever experienced something very unique?

Do you consider a passionate love where all feelings are very high?

Which type of garments do you shop more often?

What are your special abilities?

Are you quick-tempered? How do you calm yourself in those situations?

Are you a member of any group that contains adult contents?

What is that thing with which you feel hard while others take it casually?

Do you like to visit peaceful and natural places or heavy music bars?

How much do you like dancing? Have you ever danced with someone where you two were too close?

On which song would you like to dance with your crush?

What do you understand by the word “love”?

How can a guy make you feel comfortable?

Do you prefer having an open relationship?

Have you set any relationship goals in your life?

In the days of summer, how much clothes do you wear when you are under the blanket?

Have you fixed the limit line between dating and close friendship?

What is your preferred way to get close to someone… at a house party, at a peaceful place, or anywhere outside?

When choosing your partner, what would you prefer, his looks or his intelligence?

What things do you like while kissing someone?


Well, if you are flirty with nature that nobody can change it or stop you from doing flirt with your crush because this habit is in your blood.

For that follow the questions given below which can’t stop your crush from being blushing.

Flirty Question to Ask a Crush –

Why am I so fond of your lips?

How would you feel if I say I want to kiss you right now?

Is there any special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you?

Do you think that there is any good memory of us in your mind?

How comfortable are you with making love in public?

How secure do you feel when you are with me?

How do you feel about marriage?

Can we hang out today, movie or dinner?

What would you do if I propose to you right now?

Have you ever been to a body spa? Which services did you take there to relax?

Are you a member of any group that contains adult contents?

What is your cloth size?

Are you a pool or a hot tub girl?

Can we go skinny dipping?

Can I assume that your parents are so good looking? (Because you are).

Why are you so sexy looking?

Do you have any private tattoos on your body?

If we play a love game together, can you consider me as your boyfriend?

These all are the questions which hint your partner that you find them special. However, all the above things to ask your crush are not the normal question this may take time for your partner to become frank with you if you are not friends but later on the chat become interesting…

Beside all these things, have you ever tricked your friends by asking a normal question which results in a logical answer? No, then must try it, it will be a lot a fun… you can try this when you have to do timepass especially during college lecture 😛

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