Download Shareit Offline By IP ( ) 2018

Download Shareit offline is not a hard task if performed in proper stepwise manner. In this post, I will guide you how to download Shareit App offline by using IP Before moving further make sure your device supports shareit application. The app is mainly used for transferring files and media from one device to another.

Shareit App is one of the most popular file transfer app used by over 10 million users. The best thing about this apk is its simplicity and high data transfer rate. In this Shareit IP guide, we will discuss how to use address with the help of screenshots.

What is Shareit IP

Many times you might have seen IP while operating app, well in case you don’t know anything about this then let me tell you this IP address allows you to download shareit app on your android for free. The most amazing part is that it doesn’t require any internet connection for it.

I will share procedure to use this IP address in the next section. Make sure to go through the full guide and don’t miss out any step.

Use Address to Download Shareit Offline

To download shareit offline you require at least two Android smartphones. One with the latest Shareit app installed and another device where you want to install this app. So without wasting any time let’s get started:

1) Open Shareit app on your android phone.

2) Tap on the invite icon located at the top right corner. invite step

3) Now tap on the hotspot.

4) Allow permission if asked to move further.

5) After opening wifi hotspot just connect your second mobile with the wifi network.

6) Make sure you have turned on “Install unknown apps” on your second mobile

7) Open your default browser and enter the IP Address

Shareit app offline

8) Bingo! Just tap on the download button and it will be installed within in a minute. download shareit page


In case you are having any problem in downloading shareit app offline feel free to use the comment box. Our technician will help you to get rid of the problem.



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