The Culprits of Gang Rape Said, They Did It, To Teach Her ‘Moral Lesson’…

India is seeing a lot of cases of gang rapes and women are scared to live their life as they want. Here is another case brought up Gurgaon, where a girl was raped brutely by two men. The story does not end here, after rape they told here they have done so, just to teach you moral.

One such case of Gurgaon where A 19-year-old saleswoman from had offered to drive the survivor home and even counseled her not to venture out alone at night and avail cabs.

delhi rape case

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The Whole Story

However, police track them down with the help of Two digits on the car’s nameplate.  The two culprits, Sumit of age 24 and Bidur Singh age of 18, had parked the car at Singh’s house, washed it and then left for a relative’s house.

Police approached the transport departments of three states with the description of the car and the two digits and identified the car with the help of a logo affixed to the windshield. The victim girl helped police to identify these rapers.

The culprits said, they decided to rape her, after talking and listening to her opinions about girls’ independence. They raped her after another passenger got down at Rajokri.

They drove to Kapashera, telling the woman that they had to withdraw money to refuel. They parked the car near an ATM and planned everything they need to do. They earlier threatened to shoot her and raped her after the incidence they drove her at Dwarka Sector 21 metro station.

What’s Your Opinion?

protest against rape in delhi

What do you think? The thing they have done was justified? Don’t you think its time every man should change his perspective about women and let them live life, what they deserve? Must leave your opinion regarding this case.






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