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Funny Jokes – Somethings said or done to provoke laughter with logical or illogical sense of humor is maybe define as a Jokes. Funny Jokes are the arrangement of words within the design that makes others laugh. Nowadays, people came out with a new word when someone cracks somethings funny called “Dasna” or Dassu”. Well, if you are searching for hilarious jokes or funny then you have landed on right page. You can also bookmark this page for the further use.

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Funny Jokes on Different Avatar –

Husband-Wife –

Wife – aapke bina zee nhi lgta hai..
Husband – are pgli zee nahi lgta hai toh
Star yaa sony lga liya kr wo bhi aache channel hai…!!

Wife – Suniye wo jo aadmi daaru pee kr naach rha hai naa
usse mene 10 saal phele reject kr diya tha…
Husband – Batao jara abhi tk celebrate kr rha hai…

Wife is angry as Husband is standing close to a beautiful girl in bus.
A few seconds….. later gils slap him for pinching.

Hubby to wife – I swear I didn’t…
Wife – I know. I did…

Husband to Hotel Manager – Pls come fast me and my wife has a fight and she is going to attempting a suicide by jumping from window…
Manager – Sorry sir, but this is your personal issue..!
Husband – You Idiot, Window is not opening and this is a maintenance issue…!!

Wife – batao mein kinni aachi lgti hoon ??
Husband – Bahut jyada…
Wife – Phr bhi kinni ?
Husband – Itni ki dil chahta hai, tumhari jesi ek aur le aaun…..

Wife – tumhare badle meri shaddi agr shaitan se ho jaati toh jyada aacha hota…
Husband – Taubaa kar taubaa Bhai-Behen la Nikah nahi hota!!

Husband – Call Ambulance, fast!!
I am having heart attack…
Wife (took his mobile) – Quick!! Tell me your password…
Husband – No No, Its okhay I am feeling better now..!

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Doctor and Patient –

Doc – you should take at least 10 glass of water per day…
Patient – It is impossible.
Doc- Why ??
Patient – I have only 4 glass at home…..

Lady Patient – Doc! pls, call my husband…
Doc- Trust me, I’m a Gentleman.
Lady – No doc, Your nurse is sitting outside & my husband is not a Gentleman…..

Doc- AApki kidney fail ho gyi hai…
Patient (While crying) – Kitne number se…?

Patient – Doc, mein roj 100Rs. ki dawa lekr jaa rha hoon pr kuch fayda nhi hua…
Doc – chlo koi nah, aaj se 80Rs, ki dawa le kr jao..
Patient – usse kya hoga ??
Doc – Are 20Rs. ka fayda hoga naa !

Doc- Roj 5 KM walk krra krro toh 1 saal mein 50 kilo wajan kaam ho jaayega…
after 1 years –
Patient (on call) – doc wajan toh kaam ho gya or ghr kese jaayun 1825 KM door aa gya hoon…

Patient – Doc, mein bahut khush rehta hoon, haar kaam mein dil krta hai,
koi pareshani nhi hai, esa qu doc ??
doc – mein samjh gya aapki life mein Vitamin SHE ki kammi hai…!

Doc – iss dawa ko roj 1 hafte tk piyo usske bad aa kr mese millo…
Patient – OK doc..
After one week –
Doc – dawa khtm hui ??
Patient – nhi doc…
Doc – qu ?
Patient – uss mein likha tha ki bottle ko hamesha band rkhein…

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These are some funny jokes on Husband-Wife relation and Doc-Patient relation. Stay connected with this page for more updates, you can also bookmark it. I hope you like the above jokes. Share it with your friends and relatives to bring up laugh on their face.


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